Khloé Kardashian has ditched the hair extensions and we can't get over her natural hair length

khloe kardashian blunt lob haircut
Khloé reveals the natural length of her hairKhloé Kardashian @khloekardashian - Instagram

Khloé Kardashian, Cosmo's reigning hair chameleon (there's no arguing with the rules), is back at it again with yet another stun-n-ing beauty look. And this time, strafing away from her XXL lengths, the reality star has gone for a style that's bound to give you all the autumnal inspo. Think warm brunette tones and short choppy lengths.

On this occasion, KoKo's go-to was celebrity hairstylist, Justine Marjan, who worked her natural lengths into a sleek half-up half-down 'do. To debut the look, Justine took to Instagram with a video of Khloé walking a sassy strut through the Kylie Cosmetics HQ. Me, if I were a multi-millionaire business owner...

Walking to an iconic audio clip of her sister Kourtney from Keeping Up With The Kardashians (listen below), Justine aptly captions the post, writing: "unsubscribed 🙅🏻♀️". Ahh, there's no denying that this family keeps us entertained!

As mentioned, Khloé is now sporting a shorter cut in comparison to her signature summer mermaid waves and as much as we'd like to believe that she's done a Jennifer Garner and gone for a dramatic chop, we think it's than more likely that she's had her extensions removed. Though, speculations, theories and suspicions are more than welcome, ofc.

Here's another peek at the look, courtesy of her sister, Kylie's TikTok:

Adding to the bounce of Khloé's walk, Justine has added a soft curl into her locks, as well as flicking the end lengths upwards – '90s style. It's giving Katy Perry's "Swish swish, bish".

Hair aside, is anyone else now desperate to get their hands on a leopard print coat? Just me? OK.

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