KFC's Mac & Cheese Wrap Is Making Its Debut Along With Returning Faves

KFC chicken wraps
KFC chicken wraps - KFC

KFC first introduced wraps in February 2023, with two flavors sold for a limited time. Now, the wraps are making a comeback, along with an all-new variety. The fast food chain will be adding a chicken and macaroni and cheese wrap to its menu, according to a press release sent to Daily Meal.

The cheesy wrap will include a fried chicken tender seasoned with the chain's signature blend. The seasoning is so secret that even the fast food chain's head chef doesn't know the recipe. The chicken will be topped with a scoop of cheddar macaroni and cheese, and even more cheese will be sprinkled on top. This will all be wrapped in a warm tortilla before being served.

This isn't the first time the fast food chain has highlighted its macaroni and cheese as a central component of menu item launches. Earlier this year, mac and cheese bowls became available for a limited time.

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A New Sweet Treat Will Also Hit Menus

KFC brownie
KFC brownie - KFC

In addition to the macaroni and cheese wrap, KFC detailed two other wraps in the press release -- both flavors that were part of the initial launch earlier this year. The classic chicken wrap will take a seasoned chicken tender and top it with pickles and mayonnaise. If you want to add some extra heat to your meal, the spicy slaw chicken wrap will top a fried chicken tender with coleslaw, spicy sauce, and pickles.

If you're seeking a sweet treat to finish your meal, KFC will add a new dessert: The "Colonel's Homestyle Brownie." The brownie will be sold on its own, or it can be added to a $20 Fill Up Box to make a shareable meal.

The new wraps will be sold individually or as part of a combo that includes a side of fries -- which are actually vegan -- and a medium drink. All three wraps and the brownie will be available to order at participating KFC locations beginning November 12, 2023.

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