KFC Has Launched A Brand-New Twister Wrap - And It Sounds Divine

KFC is the ultimate treat yo'self kind of place, and even if you're just grabbing a wrap or rice box, you know it's going to be good.

We're especially big fans of the Twister Wraps (hello £1.98 Mondays) so we were thrilled to learn that there's a brand new flavour on the horizon.

The KFC Buffalo Twister Wrap is launching on Monday, featuring fiery, delicious buffalo sauce inspired by the food scene of NYC!

The new wrap will still have that signature KFC Original Recipe chicken fillet, but this time topped with tangy buffalo sauce and a crunchy pickled slaw, all wrapped in a classic soft tortilla.

kfc buffalo twister wrap

The Buffalo Twister Wrap replaces the much-loved Kentucky Mayo flavour, but although we're sad to see the mayo version leave menus, this spicy buffalo offering sounds like just the thing to take us into the fresher, spicier flavours of spring and summer.

The Twister Wrap deal will be available every Monday as usual (including the new flavour) for £1.98, or you can grab the wrap as part of the normal menu, or as part of a Twister Box Meal or Twister Wrap Meal for £3.99 throughout the rest of the week.

PLUS if you're feeling lazy (sometimes it do be like that) you can get it delivered to your door via the KFC app.

And when can you get your hands on the spicy new wrap? Well, you don't have to wait long because the Buffalo Twister Wrap is available in UK KFC branches from Monday 6th March. You'll have until 11th June to order the wrap, so if you want to make the most of the limited menu run, you'd better get cracking!