Kevin Smith auctioning off new film as NFT

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Kevin Smith is to auction off his latest horror feature, Killroy Was Here, as an NFT (non-fungible token), a unique digital item recorded in a blockchain.

Deadline has reported that the new owner of the Killroy Was Here NFT will secure the rights to exhibit, distribute and stream the work, offering a means for whoever owns the movie to earn money outside of the blockchain. The film is a comedy horror anthology centred around the phenomenon of the longstanding "Kilroy was here" graffiti and meme, which depicts a bald man with a long nose peeking over a wall.

“As an indie artist, I’m always looking for a new platform through which to tell a story,” Smith told Deadline.

“Crypto has the potential to provide that, while also intersecting with our almost 25 years of experience selling real world collectibles online and at the brick-and-mortar Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash," the filmmaker went on.

Noting that whoever buys the NFT will have control over its use, Smith said the buyer "could choose to monetise it traditionally", or "simply own a film that nobody ever sees but them".

"We’re not trying to raise financing by selling NFT’s for a Killroy movie; the completed Killroy movie IS the NFT," he explained, adding: "And If this works, we suddenly have a new stage on which I and other, better artists than me can tell our stories.”

As well as selling the work in the revolutionary new format, Smith has expanded his View Askewniverse studio into the Cryptoverse with Jay, an NFT gallery showcasing and selling art featuring the cult movie stoner duo.