Kevin Dillon signed up to Wire Room so he could work with Bruce Willis

Kevin Dillon on getting to work with Bruce Willis credit:Bang Showbiz
Kevin Dillon on getting to work with Bruce Willis credit:Bang Showbiz

Kevin Dillon signed up to 'Wire Room' so he could work with Bruce Willis.

The 57-year-old actor is starring as a federal agent who must defend himself from a hit squad in the action film alongside fellow Hollywood star Bruce, 67, and admitted that although he always thought the script was "really good", he only jumped at the chance when he learned that the 'Die Hard' "legend" was also on board.

He said: "Well, I thought the script was really good. It was another one of those seven-day shoots, which was like, "Oh boy, that's gonna be a challenge.

But I knew I could do it, because I did 'Hot Seat', and that was a seven-day film, which had kind of some similarities. The scripts are entirely different, but like 'Hot Seat', I was stuck in the chair, this time I'm stuck in a room, I had a little more freedom.

But I loved the script, and then they told me Bruce Willis is doing it, the legend. So I was like, 'Yes, sign me up!'

"I'm a big Bruce fan, and to work with him — I did work with him before, but I didn't have any scenes with him, I was in the movie with him, but this time, I got to work with him. Great guy and a legend."

The 'Entourage' star - who has filmed a number of fight scenes for the movie - also added that while stunts can be "fun", he had to learn to "slow down" a bit while on set.

He told ScreenRant: "But yeah, it's fun, and the more you do it, the better you get at it. You actually have to slow it down a little bit, you want to go so fast, but it doesn't sell as well as like a nice low punch really looks more powerful.

'Wire Room' is due for release on September 2 in cinemas as well as on Lionsgate VOD.