Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's daughter Sosie worries fans as she reveals challenging health issue

Sosie Bacon delivered a powerful social media post on Monday revealing she's suffering from Raynaud's disease.

The star took to Instagram with a series of head-turning photos including one of her hands with white fingers.

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The daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick appears to be dealing with the challenging blood circulation condition which can be triggered when you're cold, anxious or stressed.

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Fingers or toes not only look cold, they can also feel sore or numb. Sosie also shared behind-the-scenes photos from filming of the movie, Smile, including one of her in her underwear and covered in bruises and bandages.

Her social media followers were mainly focused on the image of her hands, however, and rushed to comment and offer suggestions as to how to improve circulation.

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"Ugh I have Raynauds too. Death hands are the worst," wrote one, while another added: "Those fingers look like mine. Raynauds turned my lips blue and my fingers and toes white," and a third said: "So sorry you're dealing with Raynauds."

Sosie shared a selection of photos from BTS of her movie Smile 

Others voiced their concern as they didn't realize the other photos had been created using makeup.

"I thought you were attacked. So realistic. I was upset," said one fan as many others told her how amazing they thought her latest movie was.

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Kevin and Kyra are proud parents to both Sosie and her brother Travis and the Footloose actor recently paid tribute to them in an interview praising them for making him a better listener.


Kevin and Kyra have two children 

"I think that in the past few years, even someone as old and weathered as me can say, 'Let me start to listen a little bit more and start to look at things from a different point of view,'" the actor said, adding: "Certainly when it comes to young people, they are our future."

Kevin's most recent project was Peacock thriller They/Them. He plays Owen Whistler, the proprietor of Camp Whistler, an LGBTQ conversion camp where the counselors start turning up dead.


Kevin recently praised Sosie and her brother Travis for making him a better listener

Kevin told People magazine that when he first joined the project he realized he would now have to listen and learn more about pronouns, admitting that his reaction is the same as "older people" but adding: "When you think about it, is it really that much of a hardship?"

He continued: "There's other things that are hard to do in life. But respecting something or not using language that's going to make somebody feel uncomfortable or hanging a flag that's going to make someone have a traumatic memory, is it that much of a hardship to adjust your way of thinking? I don't think so."

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