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Fill 'er up! Keurig's mini coffee maker is down to a record-low $50 — save 45%

What is it?

Morning people who wake up feeling positively chipper are true wonders. While they're skipping around the kitchen whistling, the rest of us are screaming "Don't talk to me!" at our families as we make a beeline for the coffee maker. And if you're someone who feels downright ineffective before you've had your cup of joe, you want it brewed STAT. Well, today's your lucky day: The super speedy Keurig K-Mini is down to a mere $50 (from $90) at Target. Thank you, coffee gods! Not only does it take mere minutes to brew, it's also a compact five inches wide. Hurry and snag it for a steal while you can.

Want freshly brewed coffee without the hassle (and in minutes)? Meet your new best friend.

$50 at Target

Why is it a good deal?

At over 40% off, Target's deal on the Keurig K-Mini is honestly a steal — especially when you think about how much a Starbucks java will set you back. In fact, $50 is the lowest price we've seen it.

Why do I need this?

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying a leisurely morning — in fact, most of us are usually scrambling around more than the eggs we're frying up. Rather than spending time measuring out beans, grinding them, placing a filter in the machine and waiting for your java to brew, you simply fill the Keurig K-Mini Plus with water, pop in a K-Cup of your choice, turn it on and bam — fresh coffee in a jiffy.

At less than five inches across, this sleek coffee maker won't take up too much precious counter real estate, either. It's compatible with K-Cups between six and 12 ounces, whether you're looking to sip coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even iced drinks.

While this Keurig only brews a single serving at a time, it's so quick that caffeinating multiple people doesn't take long at all. Plus, it allows everyone to choose their own hot beverage, and the fact that it's so compact (under five pounds!) also makes it great for bringing on the go.

keurig k-mini coffee makers in three colors
All hail Keurig, the a.m. all-star! (Target)

What reviewers say:

Over 4,000 Target customers love using the Keurig K-Mini for a little morning jolt.

"I love the simplicity of the mini Keurig!" exclaimed one satisfied sipper. "The color is so fun and [the] mini doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. Coffee brews hot, consistently, every time."

"I bought this to take with me when I travel," wrote another enthusiast. "We all know about hotel coffee makers. This product is not only very pretty, it’s fast, easy to clean and fits in one of my smaller tote bags. I carry water everywhere, so that’s no problem. How I wish I had gotten it long ago. It’s ‘just perfect’!"

"I absolutely love this item!" gushed a final fan. "Coffee makers can be so bulky and crowding, but not the Keurig mini. It’s [the] perfect size for my countertop while maintaining a sleek look and performing well. It does take a little longer to heat up, but nonetheless it makes coffee."

Enjoy your favorite coffee, tea and cocoa in mere minutes.

$50 at Target

Oh, and if you want to keep your hot bevs from turning lukewarm after 15 minutes, shoppers are also loving this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer:

This nifty gadget can keep drinks warmer for longer so you don't have to keep making trips to the microwave. It would be the perfect stocking stuffer, too!

$20 at Target

"I received this mug warmer as a gift to use at my office and it is fantastic," raved a reviewer. "It can take me a few hours to finish a mug of tea while at work and this warmer does an amazing job [of] keeping the tea warm."

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