Kesha reveals advice given to her by Beyoncé

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Kesha has revealed advice that was given to her by Beyoncé.

During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, the singer/songwriter shared advice that the Halo superstar had given her which she continues to follow.

"Beyonce once told me, keep a circle of good people and weed out the snakes in your life," Kesha, 36, told the publication.

Additionally, the Your Love Is My Drug singer shared another nugget of wisdom she has received, which was given to her by record producer Rick Rubin, who she collaborated with on her most recent album, Gag Order.

"Rick Rubin told me art is where you put the madness," Kesha said.

Elsewhere in the interview, the performer described working with Rick, 60, on the emotional album as "such a beautiful experience".

"I really felt like I got to sit with someone who's a master at the craft and is so grounded and so kind," the artist explained.

Kesha added that the producer made an "incredibly safe space" while working on the album and "provided a stable ground to jump into the emotions".

The Boogie Feet singer released Gag Order - which was inspired by her legal case against producer Dr. Luke - in May.