Kerry Washington swears Leonardo DiCaprio didn't wipe real blood on her in Django Unchained

Kerry Washington has insisted Leonardo DiCaprio didn't wipe real blood on her face during a scene for Django Unchained.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday, host Drew asked the Scandal actress to take part in a segment called Behind the Scenes.

While reflecting on some of her key roles, Kerry took the opportunity to clear up speculation suggesting that the Oscar-winning actor smeared blood on her after he cut his left hand upon smashing a glass in one scene of the 2012 Quentin Tarantino-directed movie.

"People often ask me if this is true and it is true. There was a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio, who is so brilliant in the film, actually smashed glass and had a bloodied hand and did the scene, finished the scene with a bloody hand," she recalled. "In the scene, he goes to touch my face later and Quentin wasn't sure if he wanted to use the take with the blood or not, so every moment after that moment in the movie we shot twice. We'd shoot completely bloody with him touching my face - with fake blood - and then we'd have to take everything off and shoot it again totally clean."

Reflecting on why Quentin opted to do multiple takes, the 46-year-old explained: "He just wanted to have the option in the edit of blood or no blood."