Kerry Katona feels 'anxious' after suffering burglaries

Kerry Katona won't reveal the location of her new property credit:Bang Showbiz
Kerry Katona won't reveal the location of her new property credit:Bang Showbiz

Kerry Katona still suffers with "anxiety" after being burgled.

The 42-year-old has been the victim of two home burglaries and she's recently been particularly keen to keep the location of her new property under wraps.

Kerry said in her new! magazine column: "I posted a video on my YouTube channel last week about our house move. As you know, we moved here in the summer, but I've only just got round to sharing it. I gave a tour of the house, but I was really careful not to show anything which gives away where we are.

"It's not worth the risks after our two burglaries. It's a really safe house and while I still suffer with anxiety over what happened, I'm getting there."

Mum-of-five Kerry hopes to one day buy a holiday home in Spain.

But the former Atomic Kitten singer admitted she's too busy with other things to do any property viewings overseas.

She added: "I love it here, but we really want to get a holiday home in Spain.

"We're still looking but it's been a very busy time. I can't go out there for viewings at the moment as I'm working so much. I've been filming a show, I'm preparing to go on my book tour and then I'm straight into panto."

Meanwhile, in 2007, Kerry was held at knifepoint by three men in balaclavas.

The burglars burst into her house armed with a sledgehammer, a crowbar and a kitchen knife.

A neighbour said at the time: "I think this area's a target because it's wealthy, the type of cars we have outside attract criminals, perhaps.

"Police came to my door at 2am to tell us there had been an armed burglary at Kerry's house and to ask us if we'd heard anything. I'm a bit frightened and scared now - we'll be a bit nervous tonight."