Kentucky man switches to a new lottery game, wins more than $118,000

Joseph Raley switched Kentucky Lottery games and ended up winning $118,449.42 on his first try. Photo courtesy of the Kentucky Lottery

Aug. 23 (UPI) -- A Kentucky Lottery player switched to a new game and ended up winning more than $118,000 on his first try.

Joseph Raley of London told Kentucky Lottery officials he was preparing to play an Instant Play game on the lottery's smartphone app when he abruptly changed his mind.

"I picked a game and was getting ready to click buy when I switched and wagered $5 on Wild Life Clusters Jackpot instead," Raley said.

Raley said he initially wasn't paying close attention while playing.

"Those four little things popped up and gave me three free spins. I figured I'd get my $5 back. My phone was laying there, and I turned around and started doing something when out of the corner of my eye I saw a big cluster of stuff," Raley said.

Raley said the game moved on to the second and third spins and he only realized moments later that his first spin had won him the $118,449.42 jackpot.

The winner said he and his wife haven't decided what to do with the prize money yet and will keep it in savings for the time being.