Kenny Goss: I didn't want to be Mrs George Michael

Kenny Goss has recalled his romance with George Michael credit:Bang Showbiz
Kenny Goss has recalled his romance with George Michael credit:Bang Showbiz

Kenny Goss didn't want to be "Mrs George Michael".

The 63-year-old businessman had a 13-year relationship with the pop icon - who died on Christmas Day in 2016, aged 53 - but Kenny admits he wasn't happy to sacrifice his own career for the sake of their romance.

Kenny - who headed a team of 200 sales reps in the US during their relationship - recalled: "He said: 'Look, you don’t need to work, we have plenty of money.' He wanted me to be around all the time, to be at home when he came back late from the studio, and to look after the dogs. So, I quit.

"Looking back, it was the wrong thing to do. I ate a lot of nice meals, drank a lot of martinis at Claridge’s and became a bit of a party boy.

"George was always in the studio, so I’d pass the time going to the gym, tidying the house and walking the dogs. But I didn’t want to be Mrs George Michael - it wasn’t my personality."

The 'Faith' hitmaker eventually confronted his partner about the issue.

Kenny told the Daily Mail newspaper: "It was a real dressing down. In that very direct and brutally honest way of his, he asked me what I was doing with my life. He said: 'You have to do something and give back.'

"It brought me to my senses and motivated me to show him what I could do."

George and Kenny's romance had petered out by 2009. However, they remained on good terms and George "never quibbled about money".

He said: "There was no big falling out - we never shouted at each other or anything like that - but he’d met Fadi Fawaz and I guess he decided it was time to say that it was over.

"Our romantic life was over, but the love was still there. He gave me full title to our houses in Dallas and LA - he took care of me. George never quibbled about money."