Kendall Jenner's gothic backcombed hair look is both sexy and a lil' scary

kendall jenner gothic backcombing
Kendall's gothic backcombing is hot & a lil' scaryMichael Kovac - Getty Images

Kendall Jenner's swishy dark hair is typically worn in some variety of a tousled wave, glossy straight look or cool girl bun. It's all very 'clean girl aesthetic'. But who doesn't love a switch up? Because in her latest trio of selfies the model is channelling one of 2023's re-emerging subcultures. Goth.

Posting the photos on Instagram, her messy, tangled hair is a little more than bedhead. Knotted and backcombed from the mid-lengths down, the vampy look is a noncommittal alternative to a shaggy wolf cut and gives her brooding stare a definite edge.

The straggly and disheveled web of tendrils falling down just past her shoulders are a far cry from her usual glossy locks, and if we tried to pull this off people would probably stop us to ask if we were ok. Yet on Kendall it looks so hot.

Worn with copious amounts of dark smudgy eyeliner smoked out into the inner corner, a deep opaque lip, and shared in greyscale, we can't help but picture her in some old black and white horror movie. It's giving Hitchcock, and we're not mad at it.

Kenny in her Goth era? Yes, please

The Wednesday effect shows no sign of slowing down with the ongoing raven and burgundy hair transformations, kohl liner flying off the shelves, grey lipstick trending and every combo of black leather, lace, and mesh.

Goth glam is the dark side to Y2K's bubblegum comeback and we are here for it.

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