Ken Bruce discusses having six children by three different wives

Legendary radio broadcaster Ken Bruce talks to Kate about his three marriages

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: Didn't one of your kids once-- he googled you-- say, why did you just get married so many times?

KEN BRUCE: Yes, exactly. I said, what? The trouble is, I just got married to all of them.


But yeah. I mean, it looks bad on paper. I'm married three times, and I've got six children by those three different women. But it's not as exciting as it sounds. It sounds as if I've had the life of a playboy. And in fact, as somebody once said, I was a serial bridegroom.


KEN BRUCE: And, you know, I got married, and then after--

KATE THORNTON: You were so young, though.

KEN BRUCE: --nine years each time, so-- in the first two marriages. So there were no flashes in the pan. It was all-- they were all proper relationships and, you know, with children in each one. So it's-- and, you know, as time has gone by, we're all fine. Everybody's happy.