Ruth Langsford responds to rumours of Loose Women feuds

Appearing on Lorraine, Loose Women panellist Ruth Langsford shut down rumours of backstage rifts on ITV's daytime show. "Somehow people just love to pit women against women, don’t they," she explained.

Video transcript

- You have too much fun.

- We have way too much fun. Sometimes we have so much fun, we forget we're on television,

- That's very dangerous because then you never know what you're going to see.

- On loose women and we just chat away like we are old girlfriends.

- It's just a blither. It really is. I mean, obviously sometimes you have disagreements. But it's a part of female friendship, which I think is really important because we all disagree with our pals now and again, but then that's that. And you just get on with it.

- Well, we just-- we have some heated discussions.

- Heated debates--

- But we don't fall out, but somehow people just love to pit women against women.

- Don't they though? Because I bet you if that was a panel of fellows, you'd never hear any of that--

- Aren't the feisty, aren't they great? Great debate.

- I hate that word, feisty.

- Yeah. So we do disagree about things, but then five minutes later, we're laughing, we're talking about something else. And such a diverse group of women, different age groups, different views and opinions on things. I love it. And actually, so many times I go on that show I think one thing, and by the end of the discussion, I've changed my mind.

- See that's really good, isn't it?

- Yeah.

- But that's great, and I think that's why people love to watch because we get all those different opinions. Then with all the information, you can make up your own mind.

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