Kelsey Parker reveals husband Tom was given just three weeks to live after cancer diagnosis

Kelsey Parker
-Credit: (Image: being_kelsey/Instagram)

The brave widow of Tom Parker, Kelsey, has spoken out about the terrifying moment when their medical team first believed he had just three weeks left to live after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.

Tom, our beloved Bolton-born boy from pop sensation group The Wanted, tragically lost his battle to brain cancer on 30th March 2022 at aged 33. Brave Kelsey, who recently opened up to OK! on dealing with the anniversary, is now raising their two young children Aurelia and Bodhi solo since the heartbreak.

Speaking candidly about her journey and loss, Kelsey guest appeared on GB News where she took the opportunity to urge the NHS to inject more funding towards the fight against brain tumours. She explained how adjusting aspects of Tom's lifestyle served him an extended lease on life, a surprising 18 months longer than his initial prognosis.

She expressed her frustrations on the matter: "There's no magic wand, but it's so underfunded. It's the biggest killer to children and under-40s adults yet it gets 1 percent of funding. On this journey that I'm on I have met parents that I talked to who have lost children. Until I became involved, I had no clue about the level of funding."

She continued questioning: "Obviously after that, I was like, 'Why is that going to get 1 percent of funding? ' I think maybe the brain protects us so much. Not a lot goes over the blood-brain barrier."

Speaking tenderly about Tom, she shared: "Tom had time. We got Tom time. When he did pass, his nurse Tom never had a prognosis. Tom was not that sort of person. I said 'Don't give him the prognosis, because he's going to be ticking off on the calendar'."

"But actually, when he did pass away, his specialist nurses said to me they'd have only given him three weeks. We gave him 18 months but we had to do a lot of funding. I had to do a lot of research. You know, we did a lot of stuff."

In March, Kelsey shared a touching tribute on social media as the second anniversary of her husband's passing approached.

Kelsey penned: "Today is the first day of March and it brings with it the painful reminder that this is the month I lost Tom. I still can't quite believe it is almost two years since he passed. I know he is watching over me and the kids every day, but his physical absence from our lives is so huge. I miss his banter and his laugh so much. I'd do anything to have one more day with him. I think about him every single day, and I think March will always be a difficult month."