Kelsey Parker pays tribute to later singer Tom Parker

Appearing on Loose Women, Tom Parker's widow Kelsey says she is feeling 'strong' after the death of The Wanted singer following his cancer battle. "I’m just getting through each day," she said. "I have the kids. I have to wake up each day, I have to get on with it, just trying to be as strong as possible in a really difficult situation and time for us all.”

Video transcript

- Now that his presence-- He shows you signs and things.

KELSEY PARKER: We did speak about it when he was in the hospice. One of the nights I got in bed with him, and we spoke for hours. And I just said, please give me signs every day. I want to know that you're there, and he has given me so many signs.

- Aww. Tell us. Tell us one.

KELSEY PARKER: I've had car alarms go off at like 4:00 in the morning. I'm like, not 4:00 in the morning, Tom. Give me some time.

- Do you talk to him?

KELSEY PARKER: Yeah, I do talk to him.

- Yeah.

KELSEY PARKER: I think that's like a release as well to then talk to him. And I can feel him there.

- Yeah.

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