Kelly Stafford steps out in power suit after being told she needs to 'dress more feminine'

Kelly Stafford is giving the haters a taste of their own medicine.

On Wednesday, The Morning After podcast host and mother of four daughters, 33, shared a sexy photo of herself in a pink power suit as she was getting ready for an event in Los Angeles. In the caption, she gave a not-so-subtle message to folks who’ve criticized her fashion choices.

“I get so many DMs telling me I need to dress more feminine,” she wrote. “So, I wore a suit.”

The images, showing off Stafford’s plunging neckline and effervescent smile, kicked off a string of supportive praise from fans who applauded the message.

“You don’t owe anyone any explanation about how you dress! You look damn good in anything you wear mama!” one commenter wrote.

“You need to dress in what you love. Slay girl,” another added.

“Dress in what makes you feel more comfortable taking care of 4 precious little girls,” one fan wrote.

Stafford indeed has her hands full at home with twins Chandler and Sawyer, 5, Hunter, 3, and Tyler, almost 2, all shared with NFL star husband Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams.

When she’s not showing off her assets on Instagram, the beloved podcaster and brain tumor survivor routinely speaks truth to power, using her platform to address important issues — such as the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

Earlier this month, she spoke candidly on her podcast about abortion rights in the wake of the ruling and how she thinks it’s going to impact her daughters’ lives.

“I would love for my girls to have the right to choose,” she shared at the time. “I think it's an important lesson, like, 'Listen, this is what can happen,' and it's not a decision that I think people take lightly. I think where people get stuck on is, like, just because you agree with wanting someone to be able to choose does not mean that you are, like, so pro-abortion … You can have your issues [with] abortion. You're just saying that every woman should have a right to choose what to do with their body in their future.”

Furthermore, Stafford said she is pro-choice due to her experiences with economic inequity, stating that abortion bans will impact people who are disadvantaged the most.

“Banning abortion, it kills the lower class,” she said. “The middle class and upper class, they're going to find ways — they're going to travel. They're going to go see the right doctors. The lower class are going to find the unsafe ways, or they're going to go through with [pregnancy] and hate every second of it, and also now that child has been born into poverty. It's just continuing that cycle. The parents can't get out now because it's so expensive to have a child.”

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