Kelly Rowland reveals the unusual side effect pregnancy is having on her skin

Sarah Ilston
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Photo credit: Cindy Ord
Photo credit: Cindy Ord

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Kelly Rowland is currently pregnant with her second child with husband Tim Weatherspoon, and during a recent video update to her 10 million Instagram fans - revealed the unexpected side effect pregnancy is having on her skin.

Posting a video praising the ultra-comfy loungewear she's living in during her second pregnancy, the 39 year-old former Destiny's Child star explained to her followers how she's been struggling to find clothes to fit her ever-growing bump, and how her Fabletics 'Moment' tracksuit has been a life-saviour.

Showing off the cosy outfit in the video footage, Rowland - who is an ambassador for the athleisure brand - twirled around and laughed that despite feeling 'very comfortable' in the garments, she still couldn't fit her entire burgeoning belly in, lifting her top to show fans her bump.

And whilst we're all ears when it comes to chic and comfortable loungewear (aka our entire 2020 look), it was the comments in the video that intrigued us the most, namely an eagle-eyes fan who spotted that the singer's skin had changed on her belly during the brief flash.

Exclaiming that she too had experienced the same skin darkening, the fan commented: 'I’m so happy to see her skin also darkens, my pregnancy had me looking crazy!!!!'

Upon seeing the message, Rowland then responded that she'd noticed her skin but was embracing the colour change: 'Boo, my belly is getting darker by the day and I have no complaints.

'It IS THE MOST bizarre thing ever!'

One informed fan explained that she believed the condition was called 'melasma' and is more common in darker skinned women: 'Can happen all over the body. I had it with 3 of my 5 pregnancies. It definitely is bizarre, just makes me think of the wonders of the human body. Congratulations!!'

Although the NHS website says it's 'totally normal' for some mothers to experiencing skin darkening during pregnancy due to 'hormonal changes', if you feel concerned it's always best to refer to your GP.

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