Kelly Rizzo says she’s learning ‘how to brave the world’ six months after husband Bob Saget’s death

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Kelly Rizzo has opened up about the death of her late husband, Bob Saget, and how she’s spent the last six months braving “the world without” him.

The 42-year-old television host shared a recent post on Instagram in honour of Saget, as it has been six month since his death. In the caption, she described some of the things she misses about the comedian before acknowledging how she’s trying to navigate life “without” him.

“6 months without my best friend, my travel buddy, my loving husband,” she wrote. “6 months without your silliness, laughter, music, cuteness, caretaking, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, cuddling, and warmth. But it’s also been 6 months of looking for silver linings, learning how to brave the world without you. 6 months of care and compassion from so many who love you.”

Rizzo went on to note how she has formed a closer relationship with the Full House star’s children, Aubrey, 35, Laura, 32, and Jennifer, 29. She also said that while she’s continued to live life in a way that her late husband would have wanted, she and her family “still miss” him.

“6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughters and trying to all be strong together. 6 months of continuing to love, laugh, and live because that’s what you would want…what you’d insist upon,” she continued.

“Even though you’d want to make sure that we all still miss you…and dear God do we ever. We miss you so much, every day. Love you honey, the world still isn’t the same without you,” she added.

The Instagram post included a video montage of her and Saget on vacation, at concerts, and attending red-carpet events, along with a clip of Saget and his Full House co-stars, Dave Couiler and John Stamos, dressed up in onesies. The video is set to Bruce Springsteen’s song, “Land of Hope and Dreams.”

Saget died on 9 January at 65 years old. He was found in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, one day after performing at a comedy show. A medical report concluded that he died from head trauma, with the Medical Examiner’s office suggesting that he had “accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep”.

This isn’t the first time the travel vlogger has used Instagram to pay tribute to Saget. When Saget was honoured at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards last month and given the Impact Award, Rizzo accepted on Saget’s behalf and posted about the moment on her page.

“He would be so honoured to receive this award as all he ever wanted to do was share love and laughter and make an impact,” she wrote in the caption. “It will be the privilege of my life to spread his message whenever and however I can.”

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