Kelly Brook's love - hate relationship with her breasts

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Kelly Brook's love - hate relationship with her breasts credit:Bang Showbiz
Kelly Brook's love - hate relationship with her breasts credit:Bang Showbiz

Kelly Brook wishes she had "little pert French boobies".

The 42-year-old model and actress admitted her size 34FF chest can be an "inconvenience" and she has a "love/hate" relationship with her breasts.

Kelly told MailOnline: "I love my boobs, but I also don't like them. I have a love/hate relationship with all parts of my body.

"My boobs look great in some dresses and in other dresses they don't look so great. They can be really inconvenient.

"Boobs are one of those things… I would love to wear little strappy dresses. Some of the underwear I buy is really frumpy!

"I would love to have little pert French boobies. Mine look good in a lovely 1950s dress though, so it just depends."

Kelly - who lost two stone on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan - after piling on weight during lockdown, admitted she struggles to accept her body.

She said: "I lost two dress sizes, I was on track, lockdown came and being an emotional eater, I was like well that's it then… no one is going to be worrying about their bodies anymore, we're all in elasticated trousers and people were Zooming everyone so no one even sees us anymore.

"I fell into that trap of being lazy. When we came out of lockdown, I panicked and thought I've got to get back in the office and people are going to see me again. It was a case of starting off really well, having a bit of a wobble, and getting back to train and feeling a bit healthier again.

"I have times where I feel amazing and times when I don't. I'm at the age where hormones play a big part in my body and my mood and how I feel about myself. On the whole, I try and be happy and healthy and make sensible choices."

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