Kelli Giddish plots new career in theatre

Kelli Giddish plots new career in theatre credit:Bang Showbiz
Kelli Giddish plots new career in theatre credit:Bang Showbiz

Kelli Giddish is planning to start a new career in theatre after leaving ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’.

The actress played NYPD Detective Amanda Rollins on the hit crime show for 12 years but bowed out in a final episode which aired in the US on December 8 and Kelli has now revealed her dream is to take on some interesting roles on stage now she’s longer starring in the police drama.

She told People magazine: “I’ve been on this show for 12 years. Netflix was still just doing DVDs [when I started] so there’s so many possibilities now out there for me. But I would love to really sink my teeth into some great theatre.”

Kelli went on to admit she’s really going to miss working with her longtime co-star Mariska Hargitay as they shared so much parenting advice while starring on the show together.

She added: “[I loved the] day in and day out. ‘Here’s what’s going on with my kid. What did you do when this happened with your kid?’ ‘Have you seen that play?’ ‘How do we get out of work so we can go see the play?’ … On the show we’re single mothers, but in real life we’re mothers to a few kids between us, and living in New York City and raising them as working moms. The TV schedule os not glamorous. We work pretty hard. So every moment that we get with the kids is full-blown and full-title.”

When asked if her character could ever make a return to ‘Law and Order: SVU’, Kelli replied: “I would love that. And the fans’ reaction has spurred me on to making that even more of an open possibility. The door is never closed.”