Keke Palmer got to meet the real Daniel Kaluuya after they completed Nope

Keke Palmer only got to meet the true Daniel Kaluuya after they finished making Nope because he had "a little bit of a method vibe".

In Jordan Peele's sci-fi horror, which was released this summer, the Scream Queens star plays Emerald Haywood, who runs a Hollywood horse training company alongside her brother OJ, played by Daniel.

During a talk at the Teen Vogue Summit on Saturday, Keke revealed that her British co-star Daniel was so focused on his character and his American accent that she didn't get to know him properly until after they completed the movie.

"He has to not do his British accent," she explained. "From the moment that we met and he was starting to do the movie, he was already talking in an American accent. So that already kind of changes your personality. British jokes and American jokes are totally different, so the nuances of his personality don't come through until you hear his actual accent.

"I feel like I really got to meet Daniel once the movie was over, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, you're really British, like wow.' And we would talk and hang out, and I was like, 'Man you're way funnier (than I thought).'"

Keke noted that while her co-star had "a little bit of a method vibe", he didn't subscribe fully to the acting technique, in which actors immerse themselves entirely into their characters and sometimes even stay in character for the duration of a shoot.

The 29-year-old also revealed during her discussion that Jordan picked her character's hairstyle by scrolling through her Instagram page.

"The number one thing that he knew he wanted (was for) Emerald to have my 'fro," Keke shared. "Like he was searching on my Instagram page and he said, 'This is Emerald right here.' (I was like,) 'I'm so glad that this is the look that you chose (for me) to wear on the main stage and represent my natural hair in this way, honey!'"