Keke Palmer damaged retinas with sun gazing

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Keke Palmer has damaged her retinas credit:Bang Showbiz
Keke Palmer has damaged her retinas credit:Bang Showbiz

Keke Palmer has damaged her eyes through sun gazing.

The 'Nope' actress has worn glasses since she was a child but her vision has become further impaired recently after she tried the controversial meditative practice - where an individual stares at the sun during sunrise or sunset in the hope of clearing the mind and connecting with its energy - in California's Joshua Tree national park, and she's been warned her retinas may not fully heal.

In a video interview for Wired, Keke answered the internet's most searched questions about herself, including if she wears glasses.

She replied: "I wear glasses, and now I've been walking around lately wearing two glasses.

"For all my spiritual heads out there that's always looking for a different meditation vibe, don't ever do the sun gazing, honey. I did sun gazing in Joshua Tree and I sunburned my retina playing around trying to be Gandhi and s***!"

The 28-year-old star warned people not to follow her example and asked them to "pray" her eyes heal.

She added: "So be careful with that sun, the UVs, the global warming. You gotta protect those eyes because now I'm seeing double and stuff. My astigmatism is going left.

"The doctor said he can't even promise me it'll heal. So I've just been praying, because damn.

"My eyes have been bad since I was 8 and everybody in my family wears glasses. Hopefully I didn't do too much to mess it up. Pray for me."

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, staring at the sun can cause severe or permanent damage to eyesight and too much exposure to UV light can result in eye cancer, cataracts, and sunburn on the eyes.

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