Keith Lemon (sort of) reveals the worst celebrity house he’s visited

Keith Lemon has seen some seriously dodgy houses while presenting Through The Keyhole

As the host of panel show Through The Keyhole, Keith Lemon has seen plenty of weird stuff while rummaging around celebrity abodes. However, the one thing that constantly astounds him is the state of some of them.

“A lot of the houses in the past that we've done I've just thought, ‘How come it ain't cleaner?’,” the funnyman revealed on podcast White Wine Question Time. “We've done dumps!”

Asked by host Kate Thornton about one particular celebrity’s home being a mess, the usually indiscreet star was reluctant to reveal who the home belonged to.

“Well, that's what people said. I didn’t say it,” he said when Kate asked if it was correct that their home was filthy.

“She did say to me, 'You should've come two weeks later because I'm renovating it'. But it looked like more than two weeks work to me… Because it takes six weeks to buy a sofa.”


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Keith, who has been presenting Through The Keyhole since 2013, said he doesn’t judge people on their homes.

“Everyone has different standards of living, so I'm not saying 'Oh, you pig' to someone who lives in somewhere that's not as clean as another person,” he said. “But I just think when you've got camera crew round, it should look as nice as it can be.”

Keith did reveal though that the weirdest thing he’s ever found in a celebrity house was a Dracula mask and a “lady soothing stick” in a brown paper bag.

“Does this person put the Dracula mask on and then enjoy themselves? It's just weird isn’t it?” he exclaimed to Kate, revealing in the end that the strange pair of items belonged to Atomic Kitten singer, Kerry Katona.

Listen to Keith chat more about weird celebrity things, including his crush on Winona Ryder and why Chevy Chase flipped the bird to Steve Guttenberg. Download the episode on iTunes and Spotify now.

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