Keepers Undertake Annual Deadly Task Of Raiding Alligator Nest For Eggs

Zoo keepers have undertaken the highly dangerous task of raiding an alligator nest for eggs. Ally the female alligator - who is a resident at the Australian Reptile Park - laid 18 eggs on Boxing Day. The process is considered extremely dangerous and certainly keeps the hearts of staff racing. This year the danger was more intense than ever before as the park welcomed 20 new male alligators in March 2021. This brought the total of alligators to 55, keeping the staff on their toes. The nest raiding process involves keepers wrangling the alligator, restraining her and removing the eggs from the nest. The mothers are in a high maternal state and keen to guard their eggs, making them very aggressive. The eggs removed during the nest raid will be artificially incubated and hatch in about 70 days with their sex determined by the temperature at which they are incubated.

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