Katy Perry's tactic for better mental health is actually really simple

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Singer Katy Perry has shared one of the most helpful techniques she's come across when it comes to keeping her mental health in a good space – and luckily for us, it's actually a super easy coping mechanism to adopt.

During an Instagram Live as part of her partnership with Coca-Cola Open To Better (she's got her own snazzy can as part of the campaign), Katy opened up about how becoming a mother has changed her life and helped her to reassess where her energy is being channelled.

After spotting that one fan who'd tuned in to the chat had commented that their resolution around feeling more positive was to set boundaries, the new mother-of-one said that that's something she's also been focussing on more these days – especially following the birth of her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom.

"Boundaries are so important and I have been practising a lot of those as well," Katy, who recently performed at Joe Biden's inauguration, confessed. "You can love someone and still not have to let them into your life." She then added, "[Daisy] has changed my life and still continues to change my life. I created space for her and therefore didn't have the extra time that I have had in the past 35 years, and so I had to create space and I'm glad I did."

The singer also gave a further peek into what her life as a new parent is like, saying, "I think you realise that when you become a mother you just have to focus on being a mom and it's not because you don't love other people – you just want to be a great mom and a lot of stuff falls away when you become a mom."

Another technique that Katy said she's found helpful for her mental wellbeing is meditation – explaining that she's always been public about her experiences with mental health and the coping mechanisms she's experimented with. "I have been through a very public process with my own journey on mental wellness," she said. "I've done so many things like yoga and meditation and now chanting has really changed my mental wavelength, just having those little routines and rituals has really changed the game for me."

Katy also took some time to praise her partner, actor Orlando Bloom, for his support during this new and exciting chapter of their lives. "I have an incredible partner who supports me and lifts me up and he's a great guy."

It's lovely to hear that Katy is in such a good place right now - long may it continue! ❤️

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