Katy Hill could have died in freak accident at her home

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Watch: Katy Hill could have died in freak accident at her home

Katy Hill could have died after being injured in a freak accident at her home.

The accident occurred 18 months ago, when the former Blue Peter presenter was joking around with her daughter and trying to race her to the toilet.

Katy tripped over the top step, and flew across the floor, with her head hitting the lid of the toilet, and doctors told her that the fall could have been fatal.

The "horrendous" fall left her with a scar down the middle of her forehead, and she told Hello! magazine that the accident could have killed her.

"It was horrendous; the doctors were stitching me up for an hour," she explained, recalling that doctors told her the skull is thin above the eyebrow, and she was lucky to have survived.

"I realised how life can change in a split second," she continued, noting that she was told people have died after a magazine had hit them in that part of the head.

Katy has a renewed zest for life following the freak accident, and she's now realised her dream of becoming a personal development coach.

"On Blue Peter I encouraged others to play big and face their fears and that's what I do now," she shared, adding that her life has now come "full circle".

She also recently celebrated her 50th birthday by climbing Mount Snowdon, and is treating life as a gift, rather than taking it for granted.

"If you hit a big milestone birthday and you're not fulfilled and you're not living the life you want - you feel like you're on a hamster wheel - that's when it would hit hard," she stated.