Katie Price forced to give away tickets for free after struggling to sell out tour

Katie Price
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/Katie Price)

Katie Price is reported to have been making use of seat-filling services as tickets for her podcast tour have suffered a lull in sales. The former glamour model is currently heading up and down the country as she tours The Katie Price Show, her podcast which she hosts with her sister Sophie.

And although some shows have sold-out, others have been unable to sell tickets, with the upcoming Newcastle event, taking place on 6 June, now appearing on the seat-filling service ShowFilmFirst.

Fans who have signed up to the service will now just have to pay an access fee in order to get hold of the tickets, rather than paying the £27.45 they're selling for elsewhere.

Katie Price with son Harvey
Katie recently sparked backlash after bringing her son Harvey on-stage during her tour -Credit:@katieprice/Instagram

Those who attended a recent show were left "shocked and disappointed" after Katie encouraged her son Harvey, 22, to use the C-word onstage. During the live performance, Katie was said to be encouraging Harvey to use the C-word by referring to the previous time he said it.

Harvey, who is blind, autistic, has septo-optic dysplasia and a learning disability, was asked by his mum: "What was the naughty word when you were on TV with Piers Morgan? What did you say?" Harvey replied: "Hi Piers Morgan you bl***y c***."

Katie then reportedly handed him the microphone again as Harvey said: "Hello you c***." One unhappy audience member told the Daily Mail: "I don't know what I was more shocked about, the fact that a mum was egging her son, regardless of his age, to use such a profanity on stage, or the fact that she said "well done" after he did it.

"Although the audience were laughing at the time, when we were all walking out, fans were expressing how disappointed they were that Harvey seemed to be used as a prop in the live show for a cheap laugh. Katie appears to be such a fantastic mum, so seeing something like this live is extremely disappointing."

Katie Price
Katie has moved out of her home, just weeks after receiving an eviction notice -Credit:Instagram/Katie Price

It comes just days after Katie moved out of her 'Mucky Mansion' home, having been presented with an eviction notice over an unpaid tax bill. After receiving news of her upcoming eviction Katie's hot pink car was targeted by vandals.

The damage to her car appeared to lead to Katie speeding up the moving process, with removal vans being photographed at Mucky Mansion on Tuesday (28 May). The move comes after Katie told fans that she "hated" the mansion.

During a recording of her podcast, Katie said: "I am still in my mansion! And guess what? I absolutely have hated my mansion. I tell you why, nine years of hell I've had there. Fly-tipping, it's haunted... and I am living with it. And whoever buys that house, good luck! I hate it."