Katie Holmes never called cut while directing Alone Together

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Katie Holmes kept the cast on their toes by never calling cut while directing Alone Together.

The former Dawson's Creek actress wrote, directed, and stars in the romantic drama, which centres around two strangers who share an Airbnb in New York City during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Reflecting on what it was like to appear and helm the project during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, Katie revealed she was rather "unpredictable".

"(Actor Jim Sturgess) was like, 'Every day I didn't know what was going to happen.' I was like, 'Yeah, but that's the fun of it,'" she recalled. "The script is sort of just there. So, I guess I'm unpredictable."

Katie went on to describe how she watched a lot of classic movies during the pandemic, such as Manhattan, Annie Hall, and When Harry Met Sally..., and was inspired to pen a screenplay with a "comforting" theme.

And while she had many duties on the set, Katie insisted she was very collaborative.

"I love actors, and some of the best experiences I had, came from working with Curtis Hanson, Christopher Nolan, and Ang Lee and then also doing All My Sons on Broadway," the star explained. "I just felt so blessed because these directors all just took the time to help, you know, create a character. So, I try to give my actors and myself the space to create the characters and really play and improvise."

Alone Together, also starring Melissa Leo and Zosia Mamet, will begin showing in U.S. cinemas on Friday.

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