Katie Austin Divulges Simple Yet Effective Hack for Making New Habits Stick

Katie Austin.<p>Jason Koerner/Getty Images</p>
Katie Austin.

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

No one ever said forming lasting habits is easy. But everyone knows that forming the right habits is the best way to make life a little bit more enjoyable. The habit-forming process is daunting, though, a fact that fitness personality Katie Austin is very aware of.

With that in mind, in a video she jokingly deemed “the morning pep talk nobody asked for,” the fitness influencer broke down the philosophy behind her latest habit-forming practice with her TikTok following (which includes us, of course). Most people—including herself—have a tendency to wait until they are less busy to incorporate new habits into their routine, according to Austin.

However, in reality, we should all be doing the opposite. “If you want to change in any way, the best time to do it is actually when you’re busy because that’s when it will stick the best,” she explained.

If you try to incorporate habits when you’re less busy, “when life get crazy again, you kinda forget about it,” she said. “When you are busy, that’s when you should try to make that habit a non-negotiable. ’Cause then when life gets crazy, it’s still just a part of your daily routine.”

While we would never have thought of it that way left to our own devices, it seems like a pretty logical piece of advice. If you put a new endeavor on hold for a better time, you might never get around to it. So, as the SI Swimsuit model put it, “Stop waiting to start something new.”

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