Katie Austin’s 5-Minute Breakfast Tacos Are Ideal for Busy Mornings

Katie Austin.<p>Paul Archuleta/Getty Images</p>
Katie Austin.

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Certified fitness trainer and health coach Katie Austin is always sharing her healthy take on popular meals. Her latest is a minimal-ingredient recipe for breakfast tacos that we will certainly be whipping up ASAP.

The 30-year-old SI Swimsuit model shared her quick, five-minute recipe in an Instagram reel on Tuesday, and we couldn’t help but notice how the well-rounded breakfast is suited for busy weekday mornings.

Katie Austin’s 5-Minute Breakfast Tacos


  • Eggs

  • Garlic powder

  • Shredded cheddar cheese

  • Tortillas

  • Sliced avocado

  • Pico de gallo


  1. Scramble your eggs in a pan, then sprinkle with garlic powder.

  2. Top with shredded cheddar.

  3. Toast tortillas over the stovetop.

  4. Add eggs to your tortillas.

  5. Top with avocado slices and pico de gallo.

“Make breakfast with me!! This mornings meal post workout: breakfast tacos! Combining my love for tacos + breakfast🤝,” Austin wrote in her caption. “They really take 5 minutes to make, so they’re a perfect way to elevate your normal quick breakfast. Plus, with tacos, you can customize them however you like with different toppings!!🌮🍳.”

Plenty of Austin’s 413,000 followers on the platform chimed in to the comments section with both feedback and questions regarding the recipe.

“That’s my favorite breakfast!!! Basically exactly the same way but hot cheese and hot sauce and a pile of cilantro 🙌,” one person noted.

“Totally impressed,” another user added.

“❤️ what kind of tortillas do you use? Brand? Flour or corn?” another fan inquired.

“Yummy 😋,” someone else stated.

You can find more of Austin’s recipes and nutrition tips on her official website.

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