Kathy Griffin: Anderson Cooper won't apologize for ruining friendship

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Kathy Griffin isn’t expecting an apology from Anderson Cooper any time soon. Griffin visited The Wendy Williams Show and explained that she felt betrayed by Cooper, her friend and former CNN New Year’s Eve co-host, denouncing her controversial image of a fake bloody head resembling President Trump.

Quickly after she posted the image in 2017, Cooper responded via Twitter.

Griffin told Williams that she waited for months for Cooper to reach out to her, but he never did. She thought to herself, “I guess I’m off the list.”

Williams asked if Griffin she would accept Cooper’s apology. Griffin replied that she’s not expecting an apology and added, “He’s not that guy.”

Griffin also took a moment to also throw shade at Bravo producer and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen as well, saying he was “the worst” boss and claiming that he stole her jokes for his book.

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