Katherine Ryan reveals she kept her pregnancy 'secret' so she didn't lose work

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Katherine Ryan announced she was expecting her second child when she was eight months along. (Getty Images)
Katherine Ryan announced she was expecting her second child when she was eight months along. (Getty Images)

Katherine Ryan has revealed why she delayed announcing that she was pregnant with her second child for as long as possible.

The comedian, 38, waited until she was eight months along before sharing that she was set to become a mother again so she didn't lose work in order to "feed my family".

At the time she was presenting the dating reality TV show Ready To Mingle for ITV, but managed to keep the happy news that she was expecting to herself.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "You can’t get insured on any production if you are pregnant. Sometimes, if you are important enough, they go the extra mile. You see Holly Willoughby pregnant and that’s because she’s worth it.

“I tried to keep it secret. People just thought I was really fat for ages. I had to keep it quiet. I still needed to work to feed my family. I had been off for the whole pandemic."

Ryan added: "You don’t want to let down a production if you have some complication of pregnancy. Let’s say you are on a sitcom and the whole day gets cancelled – you won’t be insured."

The TV star – who also hosts the podcast Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything – announced in June 2021 that she was due to welcome a child with her partner Bobby Kootstra.

She gave birth to son Fred two weeks later, revealing on Instagram that "I have a really good reason why yesterday's podcast is late".

Ryan – who also has a daughter Violet, 12, from a previous relationship – has been in a civil partnership with her Canadian childhood sweetheart Kootstra since 2019.

In October, she revealed that before welcoming her son she had experienced two miscarriages.

Posting on Instagram, the mother-of-two wrote: "A year ago, exactly two months after losing our second pregnancy at 13 weeks, I saw this light in the shower and took a pic because I knew it was Fred."

Sharing the picture of a rainbow on her tummy, she added: “During #pregnancylossawareness month, I hope your non-linear journey proves to be a happy one in the end."

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