'Kate is William's own steadying force,' says Princess Diana's astrologer

Princess Diana’s former astrologer says that Kate Middleton is a “steadying force” for Prince William.

Debbie Frank worked with the late princess for eight years and had regular contact with her.

She speaks to Yahoo UK's royal correspondent Danielle Stacey, about what the royals’ star signs reveal about their relationships.

Kate is Capricorn, while William is Cancerian.

Speaking on 'The Royal Box,' Ms Frank says: "Kate and William are opposite, they say opposites attract. I think he needs his own rock, his own steadying force and I think that’s really what Kate is for him."

Meghan is a Leo, while Harry is a Virgo.

Ms Frank says: "Harry is a Virgo and they love to do things for other people. So they actually make quite a good couple in a way, it’s earth and fire.

"He’s a bit more like the royal servant, even though he is a royal prince, but he would love to do everything he can for, he’s very devoted."