Kate Upton Channels Marilyn Monroe In Her Third Vogue Shoot: VIDEO

She’s the most seductive model in the business, remember her video and shoot for Italian Vogue last month? Well now the American blonde bombshell has just bagged her third Vogue cover, as she appears in the latest issue of Vogue Germany.

The once Sports Illustrated-star-turned-serious model appears in the video shoot for German Vogue directed by superstar fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber – whose name you’ll remember for inspiring Jonathan Anderson’s capsule collection for Versus.

And what can we expect from the shoot? Well we’ve got our paws on the video below, which shows Upton channelling the blond supremo herself, Marilyn Monroe in a summer holiday spectacular. Kate and her harem of male admirers are seen frolicking around the swimming pool, horse-paddock and gardens in a series of equestrian chic, bikini and elegant (and may we add, very sheer) ball gown creations, looking both smiley and seductive in equal measure.

Have a look at the video below, and let us know if you agree with that un-named (and now shame-faced) Victoria’s Secret booker who refused to let her walk for them because her face was too obvious?! Is Kate a new generation of model that doesn’t fit into the usual ‘90s supermodel style mould? We’ve got men modelling as women and vice versa, well-endowed boobalicious models like Kate and celebrity siblings taking over the modelling world – enter, an exciting new generation of hotties!

See Kate Upton for German Vogue here

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