Kate Quilton retches after eating 50-year-old kangaroo tail canned soup

Kate Quilton is seen retching after eating 50-year-old kangaroo tail soup on her programme Food Unwrapped.

The celebrity, 39, who has presented the consumer show about food production for more than 10 years, was doing a segment on how to keep canned food fresh when she was asked to try the tinned soup.

In the episode, broadcast on Friday, she visited microbiologist Dr Patrick Hickey at his mother Frances’ house in Edinburgh.

Food Unwrapped
Kate Quilton joins microbiologist Dr Patrick Hickey and his mother Frances (Food Unwrapped/Channel 4/PA)

They looked at some old cans belonging to Frances, including a tin of 40-year-old potatoes, tinned hamburgers, and a can of kangaroo tail soup brought back from Australia in the early 1970s.

Following Dr Hickey finding a similar batch of the soup was safe to eat, he asked Quilton: “Would you like to try a taste? It would be rude not to.”

After laughing, Quilton says: “Go on then, I wish I had your enthusiasm for it.”

She was then seen slowly raising a spoonful of the soup to her mouth and sipping it before turning away from the camera and retching.

Food Unwrapped
Quilton after tasting a 50-year-old can of soup (Food Unwrapped/Channel 4/PA)

Quilton then tried to push Dr Hickey and Frances, to try the soup, saying: “Bottom’s up guys.”

Seeing the son and his mother appearing to enjoy the soup, Quilton said: “Well there you have it, 50 years in the can and perfectly edible, even enjoyable for Frances.”

While eating another spoonful, Frances said: “I might have another little tad, mmm.”

As part of the show, Quilton and team find out that when tinned food is properly sealed it can last almost indefinitely.

Food Unwrapped
Quilton presents Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped (Food Unwrapped/Channel 4/PA)

Food Unwrapped is also presented by chef Matt Tebbutt, who has hosted BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, and farmer Jimmy Doherty, known for BBC’s Jimmy’s Farm.

Quilton has also presented the Channel 4 factual programmes Luxury Cruises: From Boom to Bust?, How to Beat.. and Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special with Steve Jones and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick.

She has also fronted episodes of the channel’s flagship investigative show Dispatches where she has looked at chlorinated chicken in the US, formula milk and breastfeeding.

Food Unwrapped is on Channel 4 on Friday at 8pm.