Kate & Pippa Middleton's Fashion Favourite Beulah Talk Exclusively To Grazia!

Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan set up their London based fashion label just two years ago, and what a roller-coaster they've had so far!

Though neither Natasha or Lavinia had any formal fashion training when they set up their label, the design duo were inspired to launch an ethical fashion label after a life changing trip working at Atulya, an aftercare home in the Delhi slums. Having witnessed the harrowing effects of human trafficking and sex trade, Natasha and Lavinia were determined to raise awareness of what they had be exposed to, but also wanted to give back to this community. 

Which is exactly what they did! In 2011 Natasha and Lavinia launched Beulah London, a label focused on simple, elegant designs, prodominently dresses. And whilst we don't doubt Beulah London would have been a success at any rate, their A-list clientele has certainly helped propel the young label to stardom, faster than you can say....ooh... Kate Middleton!

We caught up with Natasha and Lavinia to see how they've been getting on since the K-Middy effect took hold!

Grazia: Kate Middleton has been a great supporter of Beulah London, what's that been like?
Natasha & Lavinia: It is very flattering that she choses to wear Beulah, Kate is a beautiful woman inside and out, and a very powerful ambassador for British Fashion.

G: Who inspires you when you're designing?
N&L: For every collection, (particularly our AW'13 collection) romance is the inspiration behind each design, which is reflected in the prints and fluid silhouettes. 'Love' is one of the core values of the brand, and we seek to empower women who make the dresses and wear them.

G: Who's the Beulah London woman?
N&L: An elegant, glamourous woman with a conscience.

G: Which famous fan were you most excited to see in your designs?
N&L: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore one of our pieces a couple of months ago in L.A., she embodies beauty and glamour.

Kate & Pippa Middleton's Fashion Favourite Beulah Talk Exclusively To Grazia!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing a Beulah cape from the spring/summer '13 collection.

G: Is there anyone who you would love to see wearing Beulah London in the future?
N&L: Queen Rania of Jordon, with her work for humanitarian causes and her staggering beauty.

G: Do you have a style icon?
N&L: Grace Kelly, for her timeless elegance.

G: And finally... we have to ask: are you creating any special maternity pieces for pregnant Kate Middleton?
N&L: Not yet! We want to focus on ready-to-wear and then we're launching a bridal collection at the end of the year.


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Kate & Pippa Middleton's Fashion Favourite Beulah Talk Exclusively To Grazia!

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