Kate Moss felt 'sick and angry' over 2005 drug scandal

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Kate Moss feels she was made to be the "scapegoat" in her drug use scandal back in the mid-2000s.

The supermodel lost contracts with several top fashion labels after a British tabloid published photos allegedly showing her using cocaine at a party in September 2005.

Moss wasn't charged with an offence, and in an interview for BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, she reflected on the difficult time in her life.

"I felt sick and was quite angry because everybody I knew took drugs. So, for them to focus on me, and to try to take my daughter (Lila) away, I thought was really hypocritical," she said, before explaining why she issued an apology to fans. "I had to apologise really, if people were looking up to me."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Moss discussed her association with the so-called "heroin chic" fashion trend in the early 1990s.

She insisted she had never been anorexic and was simply naturally thin.

"I think I was a scapegoat for a lot of people's problems. I was never anorexic, I never have been. I had never taken heroin. I was thin because I didn't get fed at shoots or in shows and I'd always been thin," the 48-year-old insisted, before referring to a controversial photoshoot she featured in for British Vogue in 1993. "It was a fashion shoot. It was shot at my flat and that is how I could afford to live at the time. And I think it was a shock because I wasn't voluptuous and I was just a normal girl. I wasn't a glamazon model, and I think that shocked them."