Kate Moss' Fashion Formula? Flares, Blazers, Pencil Skirts, High Heels and Hats!

Isn't Kate Moss kind? For us mere mortals who dream of dressing like the supermodel, she's helpfully told The Telegraph her style tips. Listen and learn, ladies...

Kate Moss' Fashion Formula? Flares jeans blazer.jpg

1. Stick to what works for you. 'I'm at my most comfortable in jeans and a blazer, and I'm not afraid of wearing different cuts of denim,' Kate says. 'I love skinny jeans but I'm feeling a flare at the moment - I'm really liking a wide leg.'

kate moss fashion style pencil skirt.jpg

2. Pick up a pencil. 'The pencil skirt is one of the most useful items to have in your wardrobe as it's always saucy (especially in black) and seems to work for almost everyone.'

kate moss retro style fashion vintage.jpg

3. Go retro. 'I really love the late 1960s and 1970s, around the time of the Rolling Stones. I don't channel it in everything I wear, but it does seem to feed through most outfits.'

kate moss fashion style red black grey.jpg

4. Dress how you feel. 'Most of the time I dress depending on my mood. I just throw on whatever I feel like wearing at the time, which tends to come from the palette of black, grey or red.'

kate moss fashion style heels shoes.jpg

5. Aim sky-high. 'There are some comfortable heels that you can run around in, but sometimes it's more important to be well presented than to be comfortable.'

Accessorise kate moss fashion style 1.jpg

6. Accessorise. 'I always turn to the scarves, hats and sunglasses in my wardrobe. But wearing too many accessories at once can look very bad. I don't have any strict rules, but my husband does say not to wear a hat with glasses because I look as if I'm trying to wear a disguise. I always have a pair of Ray-Bans in my bag and lots of pairs at home because they seem to go missing. They're a real staple. And jewellery? I don't think you can ever have too much.'

For more tips from Mossy herself, check out the full interview at Telegraph.co.uk

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