Kate Moss to Appear in Absolutely Fabulous For Sport Relief: We Remember Her Finest Funny Moments

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Remember our delight when one of our favourite shows EV-AH returned to telly last year? Yes, Absolutely Fabulous re-entered our lives at Christmas with three special episodes packed with ostentatious fashion, bonkers PRs, copious champagne and our very own Stella McCartney – and guess what? There’s more to come, schweeties!

A special episode for Sport Relief is due to air on March 23rd when Stella will be back for more Ab Fab-ness. At the time, Jennifer Saunders told us, ‘Edina loves [Stella] because of the McCartney thing, and because of the Gwyneth and Kate Moss scene. She doesn’t even really want the clothes; she just wants to be in with the crowd.’ And now she can be.

That's right, Mossy herself is set to make a cameo in the TV special. YEEP! We can't imagine a more faaabulous pairing — and the supermodel is said to be pretty stoked too. ‘Kate was really excited to get involved with the show. She’s a real fan and always quotes it with her mates,' a source told the Mirror newspaper. 'She sees the parallels between her life and Patsy and Eddy’s, and she finds it really funny.  When she got the script, she squealed with delight. She thinks it’s brilliant, and she likes having a giggle at her own expense.’

This is just too awesome for our little minds to handle. Was the plan hatched when Mossy and Eddy attended the Christmas lights turn-on at Stella’s London store last year? At the event Eddy called Kate an ‘old model’ and suggested she ‘just cut [her] tits off and stick [her] head down the loo’ to keep up with the new breed of catwalkers. Ha! So will we see Pats and Eds giving Kate some more top-notch advice and styling her up in their fash-tastic wares?

Whatever the set-up, Kate’s previous comedic dabbles hint that we’re in for a real treat. Remember when she showcased her comedy credentials on stage alongside Vicky Pollard in 2006 for a Little Britain cameo in aid of Comic Relief? In 2009, she got involved in the Comic Relief fun once again with a hilarious sketch with Katy Brand and her pal Sadie Frost. And let's not forget when she appeared as Maid Marian in an episode of Blackadder way back in 1999. What a good SPORT she is *guffaw*

We’re already counting down the hours until the one-off special arrives – and let’s begin with a reminder of Mossy’s finest funny moments…

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