Kate Middleton's pizza topping opinions are... interesting?

Emma Baty
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From Cosmopolitan

This week, Kate Middleton did an adorable thing and made pizzas with schoolchildren as part of her support of the King Henry's Walk Garden.

'How lovely,' you might think. Well, yes... until she let it slip that she has a slightly crazy opinion re: pizza toppings.

While the Duchess was prepping the pizzas with the kids, she asked about their favourite things to put on them. One child suggested cheese and cucumber, which is an insane combination, IMO. Kate had never heard of that.

"Has anyone ever put bacon on the pizza before? I quite like that," Kate said. "Because it's like having pepperoni but it's not spicy. Very good."

And while her point about bacon is absolutely 1,000 percent correct, her pepperoni viewpoint requires further discussion.

Spicy? Pepperoni is ...SPICY? In that case, what does she think of chilli? Or what about chicken wings? Has Kate ever even had chicken wings? Has anyone told her about hot sauce? What if Kate has literally NEVER had hot sauce? It's too much. It's all too damn much.

Anyways! Feel free to digest that while you enjoy these photos of Kate casually making her pizza with these adorable kiddos.

Photo credit: TOLGA AKMEN - Getty Images
Photo credit: TOLGA AKMEN - Getty Images
Photo credit: TOLGA AKMEN - Getty Images

Here's another fun palette cleanser: One of the girls there asked Kate if Queen Elizabeth likes to eat pizza (excellent question). Kate actually didn't know, but she promised to ask her next time she sees her. Cosmopolitan UK will update this post if and when that valuable information becomes available.

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