Kate Middleton's hairdresser shares his top tips for lockdown cuts

Anya Meyerowitz
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that — like many parents in the UK — she has become hairdresser to her children during lockdown, as well as their teacher, entire social life and support network.

And though her hair-styling efforts have yet to be revealed to the public, Kate did mention during the call with parents from Roe Green Junior School in Brent, that George, Charlotte and Louis were less than impressed: 'I've become a hairdresser this lockdown,' she explained. 'Much to my children's horror.'

However, someone who is more qualified to cut hair is Kate's own hairdresser, Richard Ward, who shared his own guide to perfecting the lockdown cut after the Duchess' comments.

Taking to Instagram, Ward — who has a roster of royal and celebrity clients — showed his followers how to cut a man's hair during lockdown, but we think his tips are useful for all genders. So, whether you've been tasked with cutting your partner's hair, your children's or even your own, then you might want to listen up.

The video advises starting with wet hair and paying attention to the overall shape of the hair as well as layering. He starts by cutting the hair at the back on the neck, before moving to the fringe.

The renowned hairdresser shows the importance of keeping the hair wet and the fingers pointing down to avoid cutting too much hair off. Moving to the lengths on top, he also talks his followers through how to trim the hair and then blend it in around the whole head.

'This has been a total lifesaver whilst we can’t see [our hairdresser],' wrote one fan, while another hairdresser chimed in to show her support: 'Loved this, have shared to my [Instagram] story as I’ve had so many clients asking me too.'

You can watch the full video here. We're sure that somewhere in Amner Hall in Norfolk, Kate is doing just the same.

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