Kate Middleton's Favourite Label Issa Create A Maternity Version Of THAT Dress

31 January 2013
Kate Middleton gets engaged to Prince William
Kate Middleton gets engaged to Prince William
Blossom Issa Maternity dress
Blossom Issa Maternity dress

Kate Middleton showed us all the wonderful way of the ruch every time she stepped out in her various colours of her favourite Issa jersey dress – not least on the day she announced her betrothal to her handsome prince.

The dress in question; the ruched silk jersey dress, to be precise, became an enormous sell-out sensation, and the brand have continued to produce the frock in many new dazzling colours and permutations – long skirts and on the knee, capped sleeves and long – the possibilities, it seemed, were endless. (Not to mention the many cut-price copies from the High Street for those who wanted a bit of a variation on the £500 price tag).

Kate Middleton wears purple Issa dress
Kate Middleton wears purple Issa dress
Kate Middleton wears pink Issa dress
Kate Middleton wears pink Issa dress

But now they have come up with a whole new angle on the flattering ladylike confection – a bump allowance! Yes, the canny London brand, which is designed by Brazillian-born genius, Daniella Helayel have created a version suitable for ladies in a certain condition, so that pregnancy is no barrier to extreme poise and ruched glamour.

Royal-watching expectant mothers are advised to make a beeline for the maternity website Blossom Mother & Child, which is now selling the maternity version of the Duchess of Cambridge's outfit for £522.

If the above description sounds like you, then we would also say – hurry up - if you want to secure yourself one of the specially tailored silk dresses with larger cut which allows for a growing bump – as another characteristic of the frock is tendency to sell out – fast!

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