Kate Middleton buys a Bugaboo: What is it about the Dutch pushchair that’s won over celeb mums?

Kate Middleton has joined the Bugaboo brigade!

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly told a group of Army wives at an Aldershot drinks reception that she’s invested in one of the designer pushchairs for the royal baby.

Prince William’s pregnant wife, 31, is said to have told the women that she’s bought a Bugaboo pushchair in light blue.

“She and some of the other girls were talking about prams and one of the girls had her baby in a Bugaboo,” a source told the Mail Online.

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“Kate said she has bought one in light blue. It was a bit of a hint.”

With speculation rife over the sex of the royal baby, Kate’s suggestion that she’s buying a baby blue one is thought to be a hint that she’s having a boy.

If Kate does go ahead with her Bugaboo plans, she joins a host of celebrities who have invested in the Dutch-made pushchair.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Friel, Kourtney Kardashian and Sienna Miller are just some of the A-Listers who have opted for the style.

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With prices starting from around £495 and reaching in excess of £1,200, it’s certainly an investment for the Duke and Duchess.

The Bugaboo Chameleon seems to be the pushchair of choice for the stars, with its ‘premium materials and endless accessory combinations.’

The starting price is £795, but with accessories including a matching parasol, wheel stand, sun canopy and even a drinks holder, it can rocket way into the thousands.

The Chameleon design is described as 3-in-1 as it can be used as a carrycot, car seat and seat.

It’s also ideal for use in any weather and terrain, including city, sand/snow and woods ‘ to ensure your child stays comfortable in all conditions.’

The Bugaboo Chameleon also comes in a special edition ‘jewel blue’ shade – for an extra £89.95 - which may well be the colour the pregnant Duchess was referring to.

Alternatively, Prince William and his wife could be investing in the Bugaboo Bee, which also comes in the special edition ‘jewel blue’ shade as the Duchess described.

Starting at a lower price point, this pushchair is designed for city living and even Victoria Beckham has been spotted pushing baby Harper around in it.

The Bugaboo Bee is ‘compact, lightweight and maneuverable’ so it’s perfect for the couple to use when they’re out and about.

And it seems the pregnant Duchess has caused quite a debate amongst mums, with some praising the Bugaboo while others don’t think it’s worth the price.

Laura Jane Hoddes, who has a Bugaboo Bee and spent almost £150.00 on accessories for it, reckons they’re worth the money.

“It's economical as it lasts until they are three. The idea [of a Bugaboo Bee] is to be able to avoid buying a lightweight buggy like a Maclaren. Many people do this as their buggies are cumbersome but the Bugaboo is so compact there is no need,” she told us.

Laura thinks Catherine made an ‘excellent choice’ and ‘as she likes shopping, it's a very good pram as it’s small and easy to steer!’

On the other hand, critics have argued that Prince William’s pregnant wife should have invested in a British-made pram rather than the Bugaboo from Holland.

Mum-of-two Rochelle George has bought two prams by British brand iCandy – and she says that most people stop using their Bugaboo anyway as they’re too cumbersome.

“Most people I know that have a Bugaboo stop using it very quickly and change for a cheap fold up pram like a Maclaren - probably because it is so big,” she said.

“I used my iCandy Cherry pram non-stop right up until the birth of my second son as it was so much more practical.”

Although Rochelle is happy with her pushchair, she understands why mums-to-be including Kate Middleton spend so much on them.

“Before I had children, I probably would have laughed and thought it was ridiculous but actually now I have kids, I can see that you do get what you pay for,” she admitted.

Should the Duke and Duchess consider a little brother or sister for the royal baby, Rochelle reckons the iCandy Peach Blossom would be perfect for them.

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“As a double pram it is fantastic as you can take it on public transport,” she said.

“It is in tandem so it doesn't take up much room but the newborn baby is still able to be in a secure carry cot underneath and can see.”

And does she think Kate should be spending £1,000+ on a pushchair for the baby?
“I would expect nothing less!” she said.

With Kate thinking about her pushchair and shopping for a Moses basket with her mum in Chelsea, it seems like her pregnancy is in full swing.

She’s rumoured to be moving in with her parents for six months after the birth of her baby, as it’s the place ‘she feels safest.’

It won’t be long before she’ll be whizzing to the shops with her Bugaboo!

Are you a new mum? Will you be buying a Bugaboo for your baby? Let us know over on Twitter now.

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