Kate Middleton And Prince William's First Wedding Anniversary Plans Revealed

Kate Middleton And Prince William's First Wedding Anniversary Plans Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since the world shed a collective ooh-ahh over Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen dress as she finally wed her Prince? Us neither! So how are the couple planning on celebrating their first anniversary?

Clarence House have already confirmed that the pair will spend it alone, quietly, after a week of full-on engagements. The couple are due at a premiere later today and will make two appearances tomorrow, too (stay tuned, folks!). But we’ve heard that just because it’s another example of them as Young Fogies, that doesn’t mean it won’t be romantic.

‘William is cooking for them,’ a friend of the couple told Grazia. ‘It’s a joke between them that his culinary skills were what originally wooed Kate all those years ago. They’ll probably watch a DVD and reflect on the past year. They really are old before their time, and it’s not very glamorous, but they’re very happy.’

So what will they be cooking? We’ve heard that Wills is a dab-hand at Venison stew so maybe that’s what the Duchess will be treated to – easy on the new potatoes. All together now, ahhh!

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