Kate Middleton and Prince William joined by the royal baby for the first time

Royal baby watch: As Kate goes overdue, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ‘pictured’ with the newborn in hilarious spoof photos

Kate Middleton is now overdue with the royal baby – with no updated due date given by Clarence House for the Prince or Princess of Cambridge's birth.

But rather than waiting for news from the palace, celebrity photographer Alison Jackson has hired two lookalikes to imagine what would happen when Kate and Prince William have the baby.

In a series of hilarious spoof snaps, ‘Kate’ and ‘Wills’ are seen cooing over the royal baby after giving birth.

Prince William is photographed gazing adoringly at the newborn and tickling his or her’s stomach as baby toys lie around.

The Duke of Cambridge is joined by the baby's great-grandma 'Queen Elizabeth’ in a lemon-coloured twinset.

The Queen is snapped tickling the little one’s toes as the pair bond with the ‘royal baby.’

Later on, The Duchess of Cambridge joins the Queen, her grandson and the royal baby on the set for photos.

The set is made to look like the bedroom Kate and Wills will be sharing at her parents' house in Berkshire – although it’s not known if a four poster bed will be on offer for the couple.

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‘Kate’ is wearing a typical outfit for the Duchess of Cambridge, consisting of a teal coloured lace dress and nude stiletto heels.

Considering she’s supposed to have just given birth to the royal baby, she seems a little detached from the situation as she stares into the distance.

But in what are perhaps the funniest snaps of all, Alison Jackson has got the lookalikes to trick the public as they're snapped walking through the royal parks surrounded by tourists.

It seems they thought they had bumped into the real royal couple as they’re photographed taking a peek inside the royal baby buggy, eager to catch a glimpse of the third in line to the throne.

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In another shot, as Kate and Wills are seen walking through the park, more tourists join the group and start taking pictures of the royal couple on their mobile phones.

It’s not clear whether they’re in on the spoof shoots or not, but to us it looks like they’ve been fooled!

In a final shot, the royal couple enjoy some peace and quiet as they have a wander through the park with their new baby.

Do you think you would have been fooled if you’d have seen the lookalikes wandering through Green Park!?

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