Kate Middleton's baby news said to have sparked a baby boom as sales of pregnancy tests soar

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Kate Middleton's pregnancy has seemingly sparked a huge baby boom here in Blighty.

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare for their new arrival, it's been revealed that sales of pregnancy tests have soared by over 60 per cent since their baby announcement.

Experts have claimed the huge rise is a result of thousands of British women wanting to share the experience with Kate, who is now into her second trimester of her pregnancy.

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Interestingly, Clearblue - who revealed the findings today - hasn't seen such a dramatic rise since Princess Diana announced her second pregnancy in 1984.

Ahead of Prince Harry's birth, British gynaecologist Harold Francis predicted a similar baby boom, speculating an extra 60,000 British women would become mothers-to-be.

Speaking about the 2013 baby boom, Hugh Ayling, Clearblue UK brand manager, said: “We’ve never seen an increase like this before. We were pretty stunned when the stats came in and we wondered why it was.

"Then we worked it back and saw the spike came after Kate made her announcement. It would seem that women are trying for a baby in the hope of experiencing their pregnancy alongside Kate."

He added that while Kate and Wills' baby news has arguably had a profound impact on the boom, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics 2012 have also contributed.

"The nation is still obviously in the throes of Royal fever following the Royal wedding, Jubilee and now the announcement of a Royal Heir," he added.

“With so many British couples aiming to join the Duke and Duchess, another royal engagement could be on the cards for a host of 2013 children who will grow up with the future King or Queen of England”.

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