Kate Middleton just tried – and failed – to flip a pancake, and royal fans are obsessed

February might be pretty bleak – erm, hello, where is spring please!? – but at least there's Pancake Day to look forward to. And that's true even when you're a member of the Royal Family, as Kate Middleton proved yesterday when she took part in a pancake-making challenge for Pancake Day.

"We couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate #ShroveTuesday now could we?" a tweet on the Prince and Princess of Wales' official account read alongside a photo of Kate trying – and failing – to flip a pancake. Over on Instagram, a video of the moment was posted to the couple's Story too, prompting plenty of fans to comment on Kate's pancake tossing skills... or should that be lack of?

"This is a crime scene," someone joked alongside a photo of the pancake Kate had made, as another described her dish as "scrambled pancakes".

a clip of kate middleton failing to flip a pancake is going viral
HANNAH MCKAY - Getty Images

A third royal fan encouraged the Princess of Wales to take up some pancake-making lessons, writing: "I hear Paddington [Bear] is offering lessons for next year." Elsewhere, a fan commented on how relatable the moment was, tweeting: "Your pancake was still better than any attempt I have ever made! Can never get them right."

But, this isn't the first time that the royal has taken centre stage on Pancake Day, as one fan pointed out on Twitter. "Does the photo taken today on the left remind anyone of the Princess of Wales (then-Kate Middleton) flipping pancakes in Belfast a month before her and Prince William’s wedding?" the person wrote alongside a photo of Kate celebrating Pancake Day all the way back in 2011.

Erm, anyone else feeling slightly peckish now...?

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