Kate Middleton Had The Sweetest Exchange With A Little Boy At A Children’s Centre In London

kate middleton sweet exchange little boy childrens centre
Kate Middleton’s Sweet Exchange With Little Boy Getty Images

Kate Middleton met with struggling mothers at a children's centre in Uxbridge, West London on Wednesday, and during her visit shared a sweet exchange with a little boy.

During the Princess of Wales' solo trip to Colham Manor Children’s Centre, she delighted onlookers when greeting three-year-old Akeem, who was delighted to meet the royal.

The Duchess of Cambridge bent down to speak to the little boy, who showed admiration for the royal's Remembrance Poppy, which was pinned to her coat.

The mother-of-three then heartwarmingly gave the toddler her own poppy, which he later passed on to his mother.

kate middleton sweet exchange little boy childrens centre
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Middleton, who was announced as a patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance in May, which helps mothers and families with perinatal mental health problems, met with with health workers, clients and babies during her recent trip.

The early years advocate, who continues to be vocal about supporting parents and the importance of learning about babies' brains, stressed her devotion to helping improve the first five years of children's life.

She said of the centre: 'More places like this would be so valuable in communities, bringing people together.'

The royal patron of the royal children's mental health charity Place2Be also told one mother: 'It’s fantastic what’s being done here. It’s not about having more services, it’s actually about being able to integrate them.'

Saher Hussain, who has a 12-month-old daughter, Hanna, shared that she suffered post-natal depression, but found help in a nearby borough.

She said: 'It’s been a lot easier to find the support in Hillingdon.'

Between 2010 and 2019 more than 1,300 children’s centres were closed across England while government funding to councils was cut.

A consultant perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Chrissy Jayarajah, told the Princess: 'My hope and wish is that people across the country adopt this model.'

Back in May, Middleton delivered a personal message about dealing with anxiety and depression during motherhood.

In a video clip posted to her and Prince William's official Twitter account, she said: 'We all know that pregnancy, childbirth and the first months and years of a child's life can be hugely demanding.

'Parents often feel lonely and overwhelmed by these early years. Around 20% of women in the UK are reported to experience perinatal mental illness. Sadly, we also know that many more are suffering in silence.'

kate middleton sweet exchange little boy childrens centre
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She added: 'No one is immune to experiencing anxiety and depression during this time. It is crucial, therefore, that all those who might be struggling are given the right support at the right time, so that they're able to share these feelings without fear of judgment and can access the information, care and support they need to recover.'

The Princess concluded: 'There is plenty more to be done. And it's down to each and every one of us to support parents and carers, and all those who are raising children today.

'Because by ensuring that the next generation of children can thrive, we can help to build a stronger, healthier and more nurturing society which benefits us all.'

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